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Y42 Wellbeing Retreat72.jpg

Beach Sun retreat, Dymchurch  UK

3  - 7 Feb
28 Feb - 4 Mar
28 Mar - 1 Apr



Y42 Radical Wellbeing & Yoga Retreat



If you’re a corporate professional, leader in your industry, celebrity/ influencer or growth-minded individual who can relate to Rohini and Karl’s story of being burnt out, stressed, exhausted and fed up with the status quo, you may find yourself:

  • Searching for purpose and deeper meaning despite being at the peak of your career and success

  • Possibly experiencing symptoms of burn out including emotional exhaustion, poor health and a lack of motivation

  • Looking to tap into your next stage of growth with an inspiring, supportive and like-minded community of individuals

  • Wanting to improve your relationship with yourself and the people around you

  • Seeking proven strategies and techniques to elevate your wellbeing and uplevel your mind and body that you can realistically implement and use for life 

  • Wanting to revive your physical vitality by boosting your immune system, losing weight and incorporating healthy habits to improve the way your body feels and functions

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