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Exclusive beach front house

Wonderful luxurious setting for holidays, short weekend breaks and celebrations.  Every part of the house is beautifully designed and finished to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. Featuring Real Sunlight sun room, large stylish socialising spaces and 5* boutique individually designed bedrooms, the house is the perfect venue for family and group holidays, health retreats, team events and special getaways..

bling bedroom.jpg

Inspiring individually themed rooms:


Time Traveller

Surfers Den

Versailles Palace



Grannys hideout

Amenities & Services

Direct Sandy Beach Access

Real Sunlight Multi Sensory Sun Therapy Room

3-D Cinema/TV Room 

Individually Designed Bedrooms

Luxurious Bathrooms

Just over an hour from London


Yoga and Music Equipment

Massage/Therapy Room

Free Wi-Fi access 

bling bathroom canon.jpg
Pondicherry En-suite Bedroom with Swing
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